Simplify Your Life
All the ways of reaching you are
now under a simple name that’s
easy to remember -
.tel for businesses
Join the Global Directory
YourCompany.tel offers you as entry
into the first global directory, allowing
you to update your contact information
in real time whenever you wish.
.tel for professionals
Stay Up-to-Date and Accessible
Your .tel keeps you in touch with
all your customers, clients and
friends, even if you change jobs,
locations or service providers.
New Launch
Long numeric .tels
From 15th October 2013, you will be
able to register long numeric .tel
domains, giving you new options as
to how to share your contact
information on the internet using .tel
free apps
Update From Anywhere
Use the FREE .tel apps to update
and manage your .tel from a variety
of devices including iPhone,
BlackBerry, Windows Mobile
and others.
.tel worldwide
Discover .tel in the News
The .tel domain has received
coverage form the international
press including Bloomberg, CNBC
and BBC. CNN called the .tel,
“The Google of Online Phonebooks"
Get your .TEL now - Signing up for your .tel is quick and easy.
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